Spend 98% less time shredding*

Shredders that offer Auto Feed shredding allow stacks of paper to be shred in one go, rather than being fed manually.

*Max saving when using an Auto+ 500X compared to a traditional feed shredder in a similar price level. Independents test from Intertek Testing & Certification Ltd June 2012.

  • Jam clearance

    Simple, interactive jam clearance technology guides the user through a simple jam clearance process, should the auto feed chamber jam.

  • Manual shredding

    The manual feed slot is ideal for shredding A3 sheets or when just a small number of A4 sheets need shredding.

  • Locking the Auto Feed chamber

    For added peace of mind, the Auto Feed chamber can be locked until the shredding job is completed allowing users to walk away from the shredder.  Users simple enter a 4 digit code of their choice which locks the Auto Feed chamber until all the sheets have been shred.

    Unshred sheets can only be retrieved using the 4 digit pin code entered when the Auto Feed chamber was closed.  Available on Auto+ 300X/M, 600X/M and 750X/M models.

  • Loading the Auto Feed chamber

    Simply open the Auto Feed chamber and load your stack of A4 paper.  Shredding automatically starts once the lid is closed.

  • Hands Free shredding

    Once the Auto Feed chamber is closed shut automatic rollers pull the sheet at the bottom of the paper stack down through the shredding blades.  A pressure plate applies just the right amount of pressure to the top of the stack to ensure your stack of paper is shred quietly and smoothly without you being in continued attendance.


Auto Feed Shredding

See how easy it is to shred stacks of paper with patented Auto Feed technology.